Our employment service supports the strategic communications and messaging of the Harvard Kennedy School's Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD).

Amplifying EPoD's Economic Development Work

EPoD is engaged in rigorous, on-the-ground research and innovative, evidence-driven capacity building. Through its research, training courses, and policy dialogues, EPoD is helping a new generation of leaders to design, evaluate, and re-design policy that better serves the poor and other vulnerable groups. EPoD's communication staff in the U.K. collaborate with staff in Cambridge, Massachusetts to build demand and interest in evidence-informed policymaking and help raise philanthropic support for EPoD's work.

Harvard Global Services in England

EPoD utilizes our employment service to help advance their worldwide network. This project operates under our local entity, Harvard Global U.K. As a registered U.K. charity and private company, we’re able to support a variety of activities and services across England and Wales.