Our employment service supports a Harvard Chan School project evaluating the long-term efficacy, safety, and tolerance of HIV treatments during pregnancy.

Testing and Assessing Treatment Options to Eliminate Perinatal HIV Transmission

With nearly 18 million women of child-bearing age infected with HIV worldwide, eliminating mother-child transmission is a critical step in slowing the epidemic and progressing toward an AIDS-free generation.

Marc Lallemant, a research associate in the department of immunology and infectious diseases, leads a Harvard Chan School research project studying antiviral medications in Thailand, where nearly half a million people are living with HIV. Funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the research team is investigating and comparing the long-term effects and safety of two types of antiviral medications given to mothers and infants from 28 weeks gestation. The goal is to determine which medication is more effective in preventing transmission while also eliminating the risk of mutations that would inhibit or prevent future treatment options.

Harvard Global Services in Thailand

Harvard Chan School utilizes our employment service to support the project's in-country researcher. We’re able to provide employment in Thailand via a bilateral agreement between the U.S. and Thailand.