Our employment service provides operational support to I Tatti—a premier institution for excellence in Italian Renaissance studies.

Advancing Research on Italian Renaissance Studies

Since opening its doors in 1961, Villa I Tatti—The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies—has provided more than a thousand scholars with a unique and immersive environment for research and reflection on art, literature, history, music, philosophy, and the history of science.

The villa, which was bequeathed to Harvard by historians and art collectors Bernard Berenson, A.B. 1887, and Mary Benson, houses two libraries and a vast collection of books, music, photographs, and works of art. Its famous gardens and proximity to Florence offer a rich and tranquil atmosphere for visiting fellows and scholars to pursue research and writing, exchange ideas, and advance their understanding of the Italian Renaissance.

Harvard Global Services in Italy

I Tatti utilizes our employment service to manage certain financial and administrative functions. We’re able to provide employment for select U.S. expatriates and third-country nationals at I Tatti in Italy through a unique arrangement.