Our UK charity enables us to accept gifts, fundraise, and support academic research and educational activities in England and Wales on behalf of Harvard.

Strengthening Culture and the Arts through Research and Education

Our local entity, Harvard Global UK, is a registered UK charity and private company, which allows us to support a variety of activities and services across England and Wales.

Permitted activities include:

  • Advancing education for the public benefit on but not limited to sustainable development, which includes the connections between urbanization, regeneration, governmental policy, quality of life, and the health of citizens
  • Producing and disseminating research
  • Accepting gifts, including property
  • Raising funds

Harvard Global Services in England and Wales

In support of the above activities, we can provide the following services:

*In rare cases, we may be able to employ US expatriates and third-country nationals. We carefully review each case to determine feasibility based on visa regulations.

If you’d like to utilize our services in England or Wales—or explore your options for activities elsewhere in the UK—complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page or contact us to discuss your project.