Harvard Global is a nonprofit organization created by Harvard University to provide in-country administrative support for selected overseas projects and sites.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, we keep the back-office humming while faculty manage research and academic programs abroad. We also conduct U.S. research projects sponsored by particular grantors.

As a standalone nonprofit and Harvard affiliate, we offer the best of both worlds to overseas projects. We have the flexibility to operate according to host-country needs while offering Harvard employee benefits to certain employees. Our specialized administrative processes operate seamlessly with Harvard University’s current systems and allow for effective global support with minimal interruption.

Our global services include:

  • Employment of expatriates and host-country nationals
  • Host-country program administration (registration, finance, reporting, etc.)
  • Office space and facility services

Contact us to see if Harvard Global services are right for your project. We can explain our service offerings and also advise on alternative solutions to overseas challenges.