Belynda is a seasoned administrative and operational professional with over a decade of expertise in program development, strategic leadership, financial management, and collaborative partnerships on the global stage.

In her dual capacity as Associate Director of Harvard Global and as Director of International Consulting & Operations for Harvard Global Support Services, Belynda plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization's strategic vision. Drawing on her extensive international and University experience, she oversees global operations, manages consulting services, and leads a 12-member team. Belynda is dedicated to fostering innovation to address intricate challenges for Harvard Global, and she meticulously manages the framework, business solutions, and infrastructure supporting Harvard-affiliated operations in numerous countries.

Belynda previously resided and worked abroad, and she served as the administrative lead of a large academic department at Harvard. Her past contributions include providing organizational development, financial counsel, auditing services, and capacity-building both at Harvard University and in the Eastern Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa. Belynda also actively collaborated on the establishment of an NGO in Ethiopia and served as Chief of Party for a USAID mission dedicated to supporting NGOs in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

With her collaborative spirit and extensive knowledge in the international arena, Belynda continues to drive impactful initiatives for Harvard Global.