International Services

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Extend your program's research and academic mission abroad. We offer a suite of services to manage the financial, legal, and administrative operations needed to establish and run an overseas office or lab.

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Simplify the overseas hiring process for Harvard-affiliated projects. We specialize in employing staff and managing payroll to be compliant with each location's employment laws and practices.

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Explore new opportunities for research funding in the US and abroad. We’ll manage the intricate financial and compliance matters throughout the award lifecycle so you can focus on the groundbreaking research.

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Access more donors to support your research and educational activities. In certain locations, we can receive and manage gifts from local donors to support in-country activities and, where possible, activities in the US.

Where We Operate

11 Entities in 8 Countries

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, our operations are driven by faculty and staff initiatives, which currently span four continents, eight countries, and academic disciplines ranging from business and innovation to public health and cultural studies.

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