Our Indian entity supports a wide range of interdisciplinary research, programming, and scholarly and cultural exchange for Harvard affiliates.

Enabling Harvard's Research and Academic Programming in India

Our local entity, Harvard Global Research Support Centre India, is registered as a section 8 nonprofit company, which enables us to support a broad range of activities and services across India on behalf of several Harvard Schools and centers.

Permitted activities include:

  • Facilitating research and programming on science, the social sciences, public health, technology, culture, art, education, public policy, management, commerce, and other subjects of interest*
  • Hosting programs and training for the public benefit of India and for faculties, students, scholars, and alumni from Harvard and Indian institutions
  • Disseminating research related to India undertaken by the entity and visiting Harvard faculty
  • Advancing culture and customs through the exposure of students and scholars from Harvard University and Indian institutions
  • Providing assistance to Indian students pursuing studies at Harvard University and elsewhere
  • Accepting grants, gifts, and funds and offering tax deduction to local donors

    *One notable exception is activities related to architecture.

Harvard Global Services in India

In support of the above activities, we can provide the following services:

If you’d like to utilize our services in India, complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page or contact us to discuss your project.