Our gift administration service enables Hong Kong donors to support the University's research and education activities in a tax-efficient way.

Advancing Research and Education in the Arts and Sciences

The Friends of Harvard Hong Kong Trust was established in 2015 to provide Hong Kong donors with an opportunity to make tax-efficient donations to Harvard University. While our U.S. entity serves as the trustee, the sole beneficiary is the President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Our registration in Hong Kong allows us to receive gifts from Hong Kong corporate and individual donors, provide tax deduction letters to the donors, and remit the funds to the US to support research and educational activities tied to the University's mission.

Benefits of Giving

Tax Relief for Donors

As a Hong Kong Charity, the Friends of Harvard Hong Kong Trust offers tax relief to individual and corporate donors via a tax receipt for a donation greater than 100 Hong Kong Dollars or its foreign currency equivalent. We can receive funds in any currency from any bank account in a non-sanctioned jurisdiction under Hong Kong law.

Potential Grant Recipient

In certain situations, the Trust may be able to receive funds for sponsored projects. Please contact Harvard Global early to discuss this option.

For more information, including ways to give, how to give, and key contacts, download the Friends of Harvard Hong Kong Fact Sheet.

Download the Fact Sheet

Harvard Global Services in Hong Kong

This project operates under our U.S. entity, Harvard Global Research and Support Services, Inc., which enables us to serve as the trustee of the charity for Hong Kong and provide our gift administration service.