Our UK entities enable us to accept gifts, fundraise, and support research and educational activities on behalf of Harvard.

Supporting Donor Engagement, Culture, and the Arts in the UK

Our three UK charities—Friends of Harvard University UK, Harvard Global Foundation Limited, and Harvard Global UK—help us advance Harvard University’s educational and research activities.

As registered charities, both the Friends of Harvard University UK and the Harvard Global Foundation can accept gifts from UK and dual US-UK donors, offer tax relief via Gift Aid, and remit the funds to the US to support the University's learning, research, and educational activities.

Our third charity, Harvard Global UK, is also a private company. Through this entity, we can support a variety of activities and services across England and Wales. Permitted activities include:

  • Advancing education for the public benefit on but not limited to sustainable development, which includes the connections between urbanization, regeneration, governmental policy, quality of life, and the health of citizens
  • Producing and disseminating research
  • Accepting gifts, including property
  • Raising funds

Harvard Global Services in the UK

Through Friends of Harvard University UK and the Harvard Global Foundation entities, we're able to provide our gift administration service.

Through our third UK charity, Harvard Global UK, we can provide additional services in England and Wales, including gift administration, office administration, and employment services for host-country nationals.

Questions and Contact

Lia Tjahjana, Senior International Program and Operations Consultant