Our dual-qualified entity provides UK and dual US-UK donors with a tax-efficient means to support the University's learning, research, and educational activities.

Advancing Learning, Research, and Education

Harvard Global Foundation Limited advances learning, research, and education at Harvard University and for other charitable purposes as determined by its Trustees.

Established in 2022, the Foundation is a dual-qualified entity, registered as both a UK charity and as a disregarded entity of our US entity. This registration enables the Foundation to offer tax benefits for donors with US-UK dual residencies. The Foundation's charity number is 1200419.

Benefits of Giving through the Foundation

Tax Relief for Donors

For UK Donors: As a UK Charity, the Foundation offers tax relief to UK donors via Gift Aid, enabling donors to further support the University's research and education activities in a tax-efficient way. Additionally, donors in higher tax brackets may be able to claim a tax deduction.

For Donors with Dual US and UK Status: Beyond Gift Aid, donors who file taxes in both the UK and the US can have their donation (and the Gift Aid) to the Foundation acknowledged by the IRS. Essentially, this means that donors can deduct the donated amount from their gross income reported to the IRS.

Greater Value and Impact for Your Donation

Gift Aid allows the Foundation to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated. This means your cash donation goes 25% further without any additional cost to you. Learn more about Gift Aid.

Remittance Basis

UK resident donors who opt to be taxed on remittance basis in the UK may consider donating in USD to the Foundation’s bank account in the US. The donation will still be eligible for UK Gift Aid, as well as UK and US tax relief benefits.

Giving Options

Harvard Global Foundation can accept the following donations:

  • Cash
  • Shares* to the Foundation's brokerage account (liquidated upon receipt)
  • Bequests* (may be eligible for UK Inheritance Tax Relief)

*Non-cash donations are not eligible for Gift Aid.

Ways to Give

  • Bank transfer
  • Brokerage transfer
  • Check
  • Credit card, via JustGiving (accepts several currencies but there are limitations per transaction)

Consult with a tax advisor if you have questions about how donations and/or Gift Aid affect your personal tax. Harvard University, Harvard Global, and the Foundation cannot offer tax advice.

Questions and Contacts

Harvard Global: Lia Tjahjana, Senior International Program and Operations Consultant

Harvard Global Foundation Limited: Sandra Fernandes, Administrator

Harvard Alumni and Development Services: Chris Cagliuso, Director of Gifts and Records Management