The Johannesburg office helps Harvard Business School (HBS) build relationships and develop a deep understanding of business practices and innovation throughout Africa.

HBS is committed to developing and strengthening relationships with business and academic leaders across Africa, which is assuming an increasingly vital role in the world economy. The office in Johannesburg enables HBS to support School-wide engagement and activities in Sub-Saharan Africa to deepen faculty's and students' understanding of and exposure to management issues, trends, and practices.

Specifically, the Johannesburg office enables HBS to:

  • Conduct on-site interviews with senior company and government officials
  • Gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative information from primary and secondary sources
  • Develop case studies and academic articles
  • Provide a local point of contact for HBS Admissions, Career and Professional Development, and External Relations

Harvard Global Services in South Africa

This project operates under our local entity, Harvard Global Research Support Centre South Africa NPC. As a nonprofit company, we’re able to support a variety of activities and services across South Africa.

For HBS, we provide our standard suite of services for office administration and employment, as well as tracking and staying compliant with South Africa's regulations.