The Johannesburg office serves as a hub for research, student and faculty programming, and institutional collaboration in the heart of South Africa.

Advancing Research and Programming Across Africa

Harvard University’s Center for African Studies (CAS) is committed to the broadening of knowledge about Africa and African perspectives. CAS works collaboratively to create opportunities for research, education, and partnership on the continent and around the world. Its Africa office, located in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the Center’s flagship office on the continent and enables CAS and Harvard to further support intellectual and programmatic needs related to and in Africa.

Staff in the Africa office work closely with the CAS faculty director, Emmanuel Akyeampong, and staff in the Cambridge, Massachusetts office to develop programming and promote public and scholarly awareness about Africa and African experiences and perspectives.

Specifically, the Johannesburg office serves as a regional hub for:

  • University-wide inter-faculty research in areas such as language study, business and entrepreneurship, development, law and policy, public health, and more
  • Study abroad programming
  • Workshops, seminars, and conferences spanning a variety of disciplines
  • Local educational outreach and partnership, including the Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program (HSAFP)
  • University, institutional, and governmental collaboration
  • Engagement with Harvard University Alumni in South Africa and across Africa

Harvard Global Services in South Africa

This project operates under our local entity, Harvard Global Research Support Centre South Africa NPC. As a nonprofit company, we’re able to support a variety of activities and services across South Africa.

For CAS, we provide our standard suite of services for office administration and employment, as well as undertaking work unique to this project, such as:

  • Acquiring a shelf company in order to establish a legal presence
  • Assisting in recruitment efforts for the office staff
  • Tracking and staying compliant with South Africa's regulations